DoseMeRx is designed to be used by clinicians and healthcare practitioners to improve patient care by improving dosing. DoseMeRx is available for use at the bedside via portable smart-devices, at their desk via a rich web-app, as well as being able to be integrated into the EHR and patient management software.

What can I do with DoseMeRx?

DoseMeRx supports clinicians in making a rigorous, best-practice dosing decisions based on maximising the use of information already gathered via pathology and other sources.

Customize your dose and/or target specific to your patient and simulate different outcomes: inform decision making and individualize treatment 

Select any therapeutic target to individualize treatment: Individualizing to any therapeutic target (e.g. Cmin, AUC, Cmax)

Hospital guideline dosing: including calculation of initial dose based off population models

Drug label comparison: for informed decision making

Comprehensive dose recommendation report: for concise record keeping, once a dose is selected – either based on a drug label, hospital guideline, individualized, or custom clinician-selected – a PDF report can be created. These PDFs are completely customizable by institutions using DoseMeRx. In the case of sites with EHR integrations, this report can be automatically saved back to the patient progress notes.

Who uses DoseMeRx?

DoseMeRx brings the power of precision dosing to every bedside in one simple, integrated platform that is easy enough for everyone in your team and hospital to use.

Want to know more?

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