Yes. DoseMeRx has been used in adult patients ranging from 35kg to more than 300kg. DoseMeRx uses a wide range of different ways of representing weight - a significant part of our model validation process is ensuring that the patient’s weight is accurately represented for the drug - for example a 350kg patient does not have kidneys 7x as efficient than a 70kg patient! 

Depending on the drug and drug model, we use a wide variety of weight measures, including:

- Total body weight

- Ideal body weight

- Lean body weight

- Adjusted ideal body weight

- Body surface area.

DoseMeRx provides significant benefit in dosing patients at different ends of the weight spectrum - every patient is an individual, and weight is just one component that we consider.

For more information, please refer to the 'Drug Information' tab once logged into DoseMeRx, where this information is displayed for each model.

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