DoseMeRx has a range of models to help you optimize vancomycin therapy for a wide range of patient cohorts including obese patients.

Vancomycin dosing in obese patients with DoseMeRx

The obese, one-compartment vancomycin adult model available in DoseMeRx (Adane et al. 2015) is derived from a prospective pharmacokinetic study with a cohort of 31 patients.  All patients in the study were morbidly obese with a body mass index greater than 40 and a median weight of 147.9 kg.  The study concluded that total body weight and creatinine clearance reduced the volume of distribution and vancomycin clearance. 

How can you dose obese patients using DoseMeRx?

Dosing to trough is the default dosing target in this population as the model was primarily built by fitting trough levels.  Therefore, there is less information to establish the model's capability to fit AUCs. 

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