The one-compartment vancomycin model implemented in DoseMeRx is derived from a retrospective study on a cohort of 215 patients. It has been further validated in multiple publications and used clinically in over 10,000 patients with a wide range of conditions. This model replicates localized protocols and dosing solutions currently used to assist clinicians with trough dosing, with the added benefit of Bayesian dosing combining individual data with the population model prior when calculating an individualized fit.

Why is this model suitable for my general ward patients on vancomycin?

As there are less free parameters to fit with a single-compartment model, an individualized fit is more likely to be achieved from a single trough level. DoseMeRx also has known accuracy for trough targets in clinical practice which means we know how accurate the predicted drug concentration will be in relation to the actual drug concentration. You can read more about the predictive accuracy of DoseMeRx in predicting future serum vancomycin levels in our blog Accurate Prediction of Vancomycin Levels to Optimize Care

The relationship between the likelihood of an acute kidney injury and the reported AUC of this model has also been established and published by Chavada et al. (2017).

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